DOWNLOAD -Bout us by ThaCrown (feat.Mark Millz) - Z O N

ZONE OUT NAIJA [Impact On The People ]

DOWNLOAD -Bout us by ThaCrown (feat.Mark Millz)

DOWNLOAD -Bout us by ThaCrown (feat.Mark Millz)

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 Artist: thaCrown Ft Mark Millz

Song title: 'Bout Us

About the song

This is a piece that goes further to introduce us to the world as Fanatics for Jesus Christ.

We are Unashamed of the Gospel of Christ

We are possesors of the earth and we a taking God to our territory (areas of Influence)

It doesn't matter where we at,

Streets, studio, school, we don't mind

On Goal, one Vision

Christ to the ends of the earth

We the GodRacists!! 

About The Artist

Crown Ahula a.k.a. thaCrown a.k.a Thacrownonduty is a prolific christian Rapper/Music Minister based in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. 

He's the second son of a Preacher and has kept this side of his life private for a while but intends to share experiences about that on his soon coming album 'PreachersKid'.

He's currently on the RescueTour with his band and they are influencing teenagers and youths for Christ.

He's also running a degree program in Mass Communication at the University Level.


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