DOWNLOAD-Unbreakable By Phontera -@zoneoutnaija - Z O N

ZONE OUT NAIJA [Impact On The People ]

DOWNLOAD-Unbreakable By Phontera -@zoneoutnaija

DOWNLOAD-Unbreakable By Phontera -@zoneoutnaija

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Phontera is a Christian rapper, singer, and songwriter from Nigeria. His interest cuts across fashion, literature, health care, sports, and music.
He grew up with an inclination for music starting out as a drummer and instrumentalist. He believes that music should be entertaining and fulfilling.
Phontera is setting boundaries as a young Christian artist and He is gifted such that he combines different genres seamlessly.About song:

UNBREAKABLE is an affirmation of Romans chapter 8 verse 38 & 39. It is an expression of worship, a declaration of God’s unending love, and a harmonious reminder of Yahweh’s steadfastness.
Facebook: Phontera
Instagram: Phonterifik
Twitter: Phonterifik

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