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A Letter To South Africans By Revelation

A Letter To South Africans By Revelation

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Dear South Africa,
Thank you.

Thank you for showing us who you really are
Thank you for taking your hatred towards us too far
Thank you for raping our bright and peaceful morning
We do appreciate you for throwing on our behalf this party of mourning.

Blow on the Vuvuzela
I guess the Soweto Choir can help with the accapella
Let them sing of how well you have done
Let them rejoice of how well of a scum you have become.

Hope you're now happy the streams of CapeTown is mixed with blood
Hope you're glad the sights of your neighbours are now blurred
Hope you will do a feast for getting the sun blackened with innocent flames
Am quite sure Johannesburg salutes you for justifying your so called actions and claims.

I write this letter to you not in Xhosa
Nor in my native tongue of Idoma
I write with rage and anguish mixed with my ink
I write in black and white, no intent to paint my fury pink.

I Loved you because of Mandela
How he fought against apartheid and foreign Draculas
Only his story got me attracted to you
The culture, the food and everything around you.

Because of you, I had to love the springboks
The ruggedness and rugby and wouldn't mind watching you with a thousand bucks
The Bayana Bayana, Bafana Bafana
AKA, Emtee, Cassper Nyovest!
The beauty of music and sports I could imagine forever.

I remembered telling my friends I will come to you for my honeymoon
Because your beauty overshadowed that of the moon
I loved you
And has always loved you.

But you just proved me wrong
By throwing my love to the dogs
I didn't know you were this heartless,
Merciless, senseless, mannerless.
Never knew I was falling in love with a demon in Angel's clothing
But now I know better, guess I never saw you coming.

Hope you're now happy snatching away lives
You feel a cat will never get nine lives
But guess what, you just pressed the button
And when the music starts playing,
Hope you will know where the lyrics are gotten.

Because it will be a music you will be so scared to listen to
The sounds are at war with you, and so nature too
Be prepared to face the rhythm
It won't be any kind of Jazz or Good morning Riddim.

Thank you for your show of animality
I hope the animal kingdom applaud your generosity
Thank you for everything.
Thank you and God reward you abundantly.

Yours Sincerely,

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