DOWNLOAD -Abundance - Ziggi featuring Louis Obarike - Z O N

ZONE OUT NAIJA [Impact On The People ]

DOWNLOAD -Abundance - Ziggi  featuring Louis Obarike

DOWNLOAD -Abundance - Ziggi featuring Louis Obarike

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Here is another Amazing and Prophetic piece by Ziggi
Titled 'Abundance '
Ziggi  is
Known as Abraham Sesugh Tsokar
He is an indigene of Benue state,Nigeria ,West Africa.
Ziggi officially started his music career in the year 2006
Ziggi  has Two successful Album to his Credits ,
His first Debut album was released in the year 2012 Titled 'Rhapsody of Praise' an album that had a massive reception from his fans globally and in 2018 Ziggi released his Second Album Titled 'Higher Grounds '
An Album that is still Fresh and is about to be flooded in the market .
'Abundance ' is one of the spirit filled song from The recently released Album Higher Grounds
Abundance is a song with  a prophetic covering for all Believers as they begin the year,in the song Ziggi  Made  some profound and Prophetic Declaration every Believer should emulate in expression of words and actions,
'Abundance 'is highly recommended for all Christians.

Ziggi is an Entrepreneur,
A public Speaker,  A pastor and The C.E.O Gospeltunez music Inc

Download ABUNDANCE and be Blessed.


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